Indian Army APP PAYSLIP PASSWORD for Hamraaz Army Pay Slip at Salary Slip Login

Hamraaz Army App 7.1 Personal Login 2022-How are you doing, my dear brothers? I hope everything is good. In this article, we'll show you how to log in, register, and download the newest version of the Hamraaz App for the Hamraaz Army App. The Humraj App is incredibly simple to use, and you can find detailed instructions for both downloading and signing up below.

You must be aware that there are numerous issues with the Humraj Army App for the Indian Army. In light of this, I'll discuss some frequently asked questions concerning the Humraj Army App. A few examples include: Hamraaz App Problem-OTP, Login, Signup, Registration, Password, Download Payslip, Latest Version Download, etc.

Hamraaz Army Web Personal Login –

Name of ApplicationHamraaz
Latest Version7.1
CategoryIndian Army Person
Available forAndroid Phone
Min. Platform VersionLollipop 5.1
Last Updated2022-02-28 12:15:58.0
Official WebsiteClick Here
You won't find the Hamraj App on the Google Play Store because the Indian Army has established the official website for downloading the app, and you all must do so. You can download the Humraj app and read information about it in Hindi by clicking this link.

Hamraaz: A Summary

A platform called Hamraazmp8 was created for Indian Army professionals. Army professionals can access information about their appointments, advancements, and even payments using this platform. The platform allows users to download their Form 16 as well as their pay stubs. hosts both a website and an application.However, neither the Apple Store nor the Google Play Store have the programme. Therefore, people must download it from's main website.

Here, we'll discuss logging into Hamraaz via their website.

Describe the Humraaz Army App.

The Adjutant General's Branch (MP-8) technological team created this Android-based mobile application specifically for the Indian Army soldiers' use in service communications and on their mobile devices. developed to pay for information relevant

Only mobile phones are used for wage payments and other services for Indian Army soldiers and officers. The general public cannot use this software, though.

Downloading the Hamraaz App: "404 Page Not Found"

As we have informed you, the Download APP option can be found on the home page of the official Hamraaz Mp8 website ( by the Indian Army. If you click on it, an APP will appear in front of you. An error message reading "404 Page Not Found" appears on a new page that loads.

Now that you ask, "Man, how can I download Hamraaz Army App Latest Version 7.1 Download for free?" I'll tell you that the Indian Army has just launched a new website called "," from which you may download the app for free. Download the Humraj App. You shouldn't worry because this post has detailed download instructions for you.

Login & Signup for the Hamraaz App Web at

For your knowledge, brothers, if you are having trouble logging in, signing up, or registering through the Hamraaz Army App, you can now do so directly from this website,, without having to download the application. Yes, you can do it very quickly by visiting the Hamraaz website.

  • In Google Search, type first.
  • Then you need to enter Hamraaz Web, which you must have written. Alternately, you can access this page directly via
  • Brothers, a website like this will load in front of you, and you can log in, sign up, get a pay slip, or register without any issues.

The Indian Army's Hamraaz App Download Latest Version

  • Launch Chrome or Google Search on your smartphone.
  • Search for after that.
  • Then, by entering the Captacha Code, you must download the Hamraaz App 7.1 Version.
  • You can also download the Hamraaz App by scanning the QR Code if your Captacha Code is having trouble doing so.
  • The Humraj Army App is downloaded.
  • Activate and install.

Customer Service Number for the Hamraaz Army App

The Indian Army will receive an OTP to sign up on the app. Use this Hamraaz Army App Customer Care Mobile Number if you wish to contact Hamraaz App (Official App Support Number). You can also send emails to Humraazmp8(At) Gmail (Dot) Com.

Open & Download Payslip 2022 from the Hamraaz Army App.

How to download and open a payslip using the Hamraaz app, my friends. We'll tell you that there are two ways to download and open a Hamraaz Army Payslip. Your Army Payslip will then be downloaded and opened when you have completed the steps that were given to you.

  • Friends, you must first type "Hamaraaz aap" into the Google search bar; otherwise, you can use this link to go directly to the Hamraaz Army App's official website.
  • Friends, as you can see in the picture up top (which I've done my best to explain to you through), you must first enter your username and password. Then, you will see a box; type in Enter Captcha Code in that box. I will have the numbers and letters you need to write in written for you. You must then click on Submit to proceed to the Hamraaz Army Application.
  • Friends, you will then see a different image above with the text "Click here for Menu"; you must click on it. And as you can see in the picture, the list will open in front of you. You will notice Payslip/Form 16 in the list; simply click on it to learn how to proceed and continue reading the text.
  • As you can see, friends, when you click on Payslip/Form 16, a screen similar to the one in the image above will open in front of you. You will then be aware of what to do.
  • You must first choose the month for the month you wish to open and download the payslip for. Then, it says on the side, "Download Pay Slip," and you must click on it to download and open your payslip.

I Forgot My Password For The Hamraaz Army App.

Brothers, if you've forgotten your Hamraaz Army App password, just follow a few simple steps, and the password will be erased.

  • Launch Chrome or Google Search on your smartphone.
  • Next, enter in the search box.
  • When you see "Forgot Password" printed on the homepage in green, click it.
  • The Pan Card number must then be entered in capital letters.
  • The Captacha Code must then be filled out.
  • You will then be prompted for the security question that you filled out during registration.
  • You need to come up with a new password after completing the security answer.
  • Your password will then be successfully created after that.

How Do I Make A Password For The Hamraaz Army App?

In this article, brothers, you will find detailed instructions on how to enter your password when registering for the Hamraaz App.
  • A, B, C, or D must be the first capital letter you enter.
  • The next step is to type one little letter (a, b, c, or d).
  • After that, you must input one numerical value (e.g., 1, 2, 3, or 4).
  • Your next special character is (at,

Your secure password won't be generated until then. If you experience any problems with the Hamraaz Army App, please let us know in the comment box and we'll do our best to help.

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