Personal Login for Hamraaz mp8 in 2022 Download for Hamraaz 7.1 AppStore

The Indian army's professional development team created the Hamraaz app. In addition to developing the Hamraaz app, Indian army professionals also built a website for army personnel. The Indian Army Jawans can use the Hamraaz army portal and application to find out about their pay, pay stubs, payments, necessary paperwork, promotions, appointments, and other things.

The soldiers in the army should download this smartphone application and use the online services. Army personnel must register their names in order to use the Hamraaz app services. Army personnel and professionals should receive payments and other information after registering on the Hamraaz portal.

India's army is the foundation of the nation. As a result, the Indian government would provide the Indian army personnel with every opportunity. Many of the Indian army's services would be conducted in confidence via their websites. The Hamraaz app has been created for both Indian army officers and troops to check their personal information online.

A person logs in and registers on this platform. So, army officers and troops can connect to this programme using their personal login information, such as their email address and password.If you do not already have an account, you should create one by entering your name, your father's name, employee ID, PAN card, and other details.

Login to the Hamraaz app for the Indian Army in 2022:

About the Application:

The Indian Government Mobile Seva app Store online has the Hamraaz app available. The technical team of Army Jawans built this mobile application under the moniker MP-8. The Indian Army's soldiers will be able to access pay-related information with the use of this software via their smartphones. Common People cannot be used with this mobile app.

The app's most recent update, version 7.1, was posted on February 28, 2022. The Google Play Store does not currently have the Hamraaz app listed by Indian army professionals. Army personnel should download this software from the official website, which is located at

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  6. Download of the most recent version of the Hamraaz app is available in 2022

Accessibility to the app:

  • The Indian army's officers and soldiers will let people use the Hamraaz app on their phones.
  • The individual should be a soldier or officer in the army.
  • People must possess a PAN card.

Personnel registration for Hamraaz:

Army soldiers and officers must register on the mobile app or Hamraaz mp8 portal in order to access the full application and its services online. Users should correctly fill out all of the information before enrolling on this new platform. Anyone who provides false information will be strictly forbidden.

First, go to the official website at Login P.aspx to register for the Hamraaz portal.

Second step: The user should select the signup option and open the signup form on the Hamraaz portal's home page.

Third step: Fill out the form with the right information, create logins using the same form, and then submit it online.

4th step: After submitting the form, applicants should review the steps and return to the homepage to log in to the Hamraaz.

Log in to Hamraaz:

The process for logging in and registering as an individual is quite clear and simple. Once the registration process is complete, the user should log in by following the steps mentioned below.

The first step is for the users to visit the Hamraaz Home page on the same platform and select the login button.

The second step is to open the Login page on a new tab, enter your login information, and access the Hamraaz dashboard.

Password forgotten?

1. People can use the "forgot password" option to retrieve their password. The login page also has a "forgotten password" option.

2. Click the same link and look in the "forgotten password" box on the new page to get your Hamraaz password.

3. Fill up the forgotten page with the details one at a time to recover it using the recovery technique.

An Overview:

Name of the applicationHamraaz app 
Eligible UsersIndian Jawans
App Developed byIndian Army Technical Department
Latest Version app 7.1
Updated on28th Feb 2022
Post CategoryCentral govt scheme
Download appClick Here

How to Download the Hamraaz App:

First Step: Indian Jawans should go to the Indian government Mobile Seva AppStore portal, which is located at, to download the Hamraaz Latest Version mobile app.

Second Step: After arriving at the Mobile Seva AppStore page, Jawans must locate the search box, type in the Hamraaz, and press the search button.

Personal Login for Hamraaz mp8 in 2022 Download for Hamraaz 7.1 AppStore

The third step is for the Indian Jawans to download the Hamraaz app from the Indian government's mobile AppStore. Soldiers should open the app to view it on the new tab.

Personal Login for Hamraaz mp8 in 2022 Download for Hamraaz 7.1 AppStore

In the fourth step, the soldiers have to look over the app's features and specs before they can download it and send in the verification code. 

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